A family story written in gold

A few years shy of its 100th anniversary, JB Jewelers has become synonymous with elite jewelry. Invaluable knowledge of jewelry, accumulated by 4 generations, is manifest in a collection as varied as it is comprehensive. Made from the finest materials, using the most precise, avant-garde techniques, JB Jewelers’ selection includes an independent, original collection as well as some of the world’s leading brands in jewelry and watch design.

What started out as a small family business has grown considerably over the last near-century. Yet the intimate atmosphere, the warm welcome, and the familial overtone remains, as the 4th generation of jewelers enjoys the chance to connect with our customers just like the first. And our commitment to utmost professionalism and quality remains just as firm. We are honored to serve a clientele of exceedingly fine taste and an appreciation of the beauty captured in a flawless piece of jewelry.


Early years

It all began in 1927, as the grandfather of today’s managers, the brothers Alon and Ofer Jonasoff, a master goldsmith, opened a small shop in Jerusalem. Later, he passed the store on to his son, along with artisanship and craftsmanship already well received in the small yet international Holy City of those days. The son kept on building the family brand, extending its jewelry and diamond polishing operations. Later on, he too brought his sons into the business, who with dedication and love for their family trade, pushed the envelope even further with a new store in Jerusalem and another in Tel Aviv. In addition to expanding geographically, the 3rd generation of JB Jewelers also further developed business operations, establishing exclusive ties with international brands. Those newly formed ties allowed JB Jewelers to offer a complete, varied, and truly international line of products.

As the 4th generation of the family – Naor, Liran, Natali, and Yakir – decided to join the ranks of the family business, a new spirit emerged, affecting collection choices, igniting a renewed customer service awareness, and catering to new demographics. All the while, the founding principles of quality, reliability, transparency and wholehearted service remain firm in place, keeping the family chain of excellence unbroken.

Underlying it all is a passion and a love shared by all family members for beauty, imaginativeness, and creativity expressed by giving, exciting, and refreshing each day anew.

Company vision

We are, and always aim to be, with our customers during the most beautiful, memorable, and exciting moments in life: personal achievements, couples’ and family celebrations, birthdays and matrimonies, births and holidays, alongside spontaneous moments of joy and elation.
And our customers stay with us
throughout the years – it is not uncommon for their children, and even their grandchildren, to come to us looking for that special piece of jewelry.
For us, it is a privilege and a duty to be there for our customers, to help them make a wish come true, and to do the absolute best we can whatever the situation.

As far as our motto, it is a simple one: “It’s either perfect or it’s out of the question.” This motto applies to all items, at all price ranges.

Deeply rooted in all things jewelry, and up to date in all new developments and trends, we are able to provide our customers with exactly the piece of jewelry or luxury item they envision. We always listen carefully and learn about the customer’s needs and wishes, creating a gradually clearer picture of the item or items they seek, whether from an existing collection or made especially and personally for them. Whatever the customers eventually choose, an uncompromising level of finish and care are part of the process, accompanied by the smile and warmth for which the company has become synonymous with for nearly a century.


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