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Sicis Jewels is an Italian company that creates peculiar collections of high jewelry, which have as their exclusive feature the use of micromosaic tesserae, together with precious stones and gold.
The art of micromosaic is one of the oldest and most elaborate techniques used in jewelry, which has almost completely disappeared over the centuries, due to the difficulty of the technique itself and the long processing times.
The design of each model, followed by the art director, Gioia Placuzzi, enhances the incredible complexity of this technique brought to new splendor by Sicis Jewels, through a demanding course of R&D.
They are made up of hundreds of shades of color, a three-dimensionality and depth of tones that only the ancient art of micromosaic can give, together with the stones selected by experts and the strength of gold.
Each object is unrepeatable in itself, as the tesserae are spun and segmented with a completely manual process and subsequently laid one by one, by artists skilled in the micromosaic technique. Now only Sicis Jewels is able to create similar masterpieces.
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