New release: Chopard Alpine Eagle Pine Green

Chopard reveals new models in the celebrated Alpine Eagle collection. Here they are

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A celebration of green

Keeping things fresh and exciting, Swiss luxury brand Chopard reveals a new, limited addition to its Alpine Eagle collection. Joining the available blue, gray and maritime-blue dials, a green dial provides a dashing new take on an iconic 41mm design. True to its deep connection with nature, the new green dial, inspired by Alpine vegetation, complements the collection’s existing color options, made to capture the blues of the Aletsch Glacier, the grays of exposed Alpine rocks and the maritime blue of the sea. Created using PVD coating, the new green dial is built to retain its crisp, fresh aspect for decades to come.

Durable elegance

Perennial rather than seasonal, Chopard’s Alpine Eagle collection maintains a powerful presence in the exclusive luxury watch landscape ever since its launch in 2019. And though relatively new in comparison to some of the brand’s veteran collections, Alpine Eagle’s design philosophy builds on a classic model developed in the late seventies: The St. Moritz. Formally revealed in Baselworld 1980. The project was led by then 20-year-old Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, who managed to persuade his father (and then company president) Karl Scheufele III, to embark on creating a modern timepiece fitting for the times, combining both sportiness and luxurious elegance. KS III gave his blessing to the new project, and a new design was born.

Nearly 40 years later Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, by now the company’s president, felt it was time to revive and expend on the old classic. The St Moritz evolved into a new collection: Alpine Eagle.

The eagle expands its wings

The Alpine Eagle collection, much in the spirit of Chopard, gets continually updated and diversified. Alpine Pine Green, the new model, shares a 41mm diameter with previous models, and is also only 9.75mm thick. The design’s meticulously fine finish, with a plethora of exquisite details, contrasts beautifully an the impressive, powerful still presence, and the brilliant case. Alluding to old navigational iconography, the crown’s compass-inspired imprint adds a sense of adventure and exploration, inseparable from truly experiencing nature. Water-resistance of up to 100 meters makes Alpine Pine Green a great companion for maritime activity as well.

The new model is available with two options for case material: 18K ethical rose gold or Lucent A223, a unique antiallergic metal stronger by 50% than most metals in similar use, with environmental benefits as well, due to its 70% recycled metals composition.

Photo by Kasia Milton

Looking sharp

A unique texture, made to mimic an eagle’s eye, characterizes the new model’s dial. And being handmade, each dial is one of its kind.

Combining roman numerals and stick, time indices are simple and bold. Great nighttime readability can be enjoyed thanks to the Super Luminova the hands and indices are made of. Standing out vividly against each other in both case options, the time indices and the dial create a perfect, contrasty harmony, with a classic date window situated at 4:30.

Supporting actual Alpine Eagles

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard president, is committed to contributing to the wellbeing of Alpine Eagles through the Alpine Eagle Foundation. “I find great comfort in hiking and skiing, and truly appreciate the peace, tranquility and creativity inspired by the mountains”, he says. “Maintaining the stability of this unique natural habitat means a lot to us”, says Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, “and I am extremely proud that the beauty of Chopard’s creations can help funding concrete actions aimed at preserving a precious and gentle ecological system”.

Thanks to measure taken by the foundation, the white-tailed eagle, Europe’s largest bird of prey, returned to Lake Geneva, from which it had been absent for nearly a century. The nature and animal lover, French director Jacques-Olivier Travers, played a major role in securing this fantastic achievement.

High altitudes meet high standards

The new Alpine Eagle Pine Green model by Chopard embodies sophistication and charm crystalized by a true reverence for nature and the magnificent Alps. Showcasing Chopard’s exquisite horology, the desire for harmony between man and nature finds and timely and superbly elegant expression.

Manufactured as a limited edition, Alpine Eagle Pine Green watches are only available at formal Chopard boutiques.


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