Chopard and Julia Roberts combine their shared love of cinema and launch a new campaign for the International Day of Happiness.

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Julia Roberts has been the face of Chopard’s Happy Diamonds and Happy Sport collections since 2021. Now, on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness on March 20, the two are launching an exciting festive campaign. The goal is to celebrate love and life. As part of the campaign, Chopard presents a new digital series starring Julia Roberts and James Grey.
The series includes 3 episodes that will be revealed gradually over the next few months. The episodes in the series capture all the boldness, playfulness and humanity that makes Julia Roberts who she is.

Two episodes of the series have been revealed so far, The first episode dealing with the amazing creative world of the high jewelry of the Chopard brand and giving a glimpse into a world full of imagination, beauty and luxury. Spoiler for viewers – get ready to open your heart to a new creation of hearts from Chopard. In the first episode, Chopard and Julia present a pair of white gold heart earrings set with brilliant round-cut diamonds totaling 28 carats. The heart is a universal symbol of love and life, and was the inspiration behind Chopard’s creation.

The high jewelry department at Chopard, led and guided by Caroline Schweiffel, The owner of Chopard and the lead designer of the brand. For over 30 years, Caroline has developed the largest department in Switzerland for expert craftsmen who produce luxury jewelry by precise handwork. The creations celebrate love and giving without limits.

Chopard’s heart motif appears in several well-known and beloved collections. Happy Hearts, My Happy Hearts and Happy Diamonds collections.
In the Happy Hearts collection you can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and watches. Chopard’s jewels are made of 18 carat pink or white gold (ethical gold), set with various gems or diamonds, and the heart motif repeats itself and the diamond moves freely between sapphire crystal glasses. The diamond moves according to the natural movement of the woman who wears the jewelry, expressing authenticity and freedom. The collection’s jewelry is suitable for both young and older women, women who want to celebrate life’s joy and love. For more details and to view the HAPPY HEARTS jewelry collection, click here.

The My Happy Hearts collection is actually a new sub-collection within the Happy Hearts collection. The collection has been designed and crafted with young women in mind, offering them the opportunity to enjoy Chopard luxury at a lower entry price range while maintaining the brand’s uncompromising quality. What sets the collection apart is the delicacy and minimalism of the jewelry, which can be worn alone or in combination with other jewelry. The collection consists of coins, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All items in the collection are set with one of 3 options: carnelian, mother of pearl or diamonds. Here, too, all jewelry is made of 18 carat pink or white gold (ethical gold). For more details and to view MY HAPPY HEARTS collection jewelry, click here

The Happy Diamonds collection is a sophisticated combination of form and material that symbolizes emotional connection. The symbol of this collection is diamonds moving between sapphire crystal glasses. Jewelry comes in different designs. You can choose from gold circles studded with diamonds in different variations. The diamonds dance in harmony and coordination with the hand movement, turning the jewelry into one that gives every look a youthful twist, uncompromising elegance and eternal classical. These iconic collections connect powerful women with a statement all over the world.
For more details and to view the HAPPY DIAMONDS jewelry collection, click here.

The second chapter in Julia’s digital series shows the iconic Happy Sport watch from Chopard. The watch with the dancing diamonds was invented by Chopard in 1976, with five dancing diamonds embedded between the two sapphire crystal glasses. The diamond watch models from the Happy Sport collection represent chic-sporty style’s noble heritage.

The design of this iconic luxury watch is based on the golden ratio, representing many dimensions and sizes in nature. Observing the golden ratio fills with a sense of beauty and proportion. Many designers use the golden ratio in art and architecture.
The Happy Sport collection is one of the classic and beloved collections of Chopard, which includes luxury watches in special and varied designs.

The outstanding uniqueness of the collection is the freely moving diamonds included in every item in the collection. These diamonds also characterize some of the outstanding values of the brand, Joie de Vivre (joy of life) and a free spirit. To view the HAPPY SPORS watches collection, click here.

For more details and to view all Chopard jewelry and watches, click here.

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