About Tirisi Jewelry

The World is My Catwalk…..
Stay in fashion or go beyond with Tirisi Jewelry. Sophisticatedly feminine, superior quality fine jewelry, always with that spark of catwalk glam. 18K gold, combined with superb quality, microscope set diamonds and semi precious stones. Designed and manufactured with an impeccable eye for detail. Tirisi Jewelry is a sustainable piece of jewelry; it is made to wear all day, every day. It is made for the modern woman, who wants to wear her jewelry as fashion to any occasion, whether it’s the school run, a shopping date with friends, a board meeting, or a glamorous party. Wearability is just one factor in the sensible approach that Tirisi Jewelry takes. The brand tries to listen to the needs of her customers. Hence, almost any piece is customisable, the jewelry wears very comfortable, service levels are outstanding, and most importantly, Tirisi Jewelry will always charge fair prices, thereby making superior fine jewelry available for more women.

JB Jewelers are the official retailer for Tirisi jewelry in Israel since 2019.



Pendants and necklaces