Sicis has reinvented the Mosaic art giving value to its flexibility and transformability, becoming the most important creator of contemporary Mosaic art applied to different industries.
The mosaic is a multi-shaped language interpreter of traditions, trends and styles. The never-ending search for new experiences along with the passion for the mosaic brought the Maison to study the Micromosaic technique and its application in the Goldsmith art within the History.
Sicis Jewels products spring a rebirth of the Micromosaic and become a true heritage: they embody a space-time binomial within which ancient techniques and traditions are passed on to us thanks to innovative languages of expression.
The golden age of the micromosaic art was the XVIII century, when Roman mosaicists were exporting micromosaic parures to the Paris court for the private collections of Maria Luigia of Austria, Carolina and Josephine Bonaparte.
After ten years of historical and bibliographic research in the most famous museums’ archives such as the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the Musei Vaticani, Sicis developed a department for the Micromosaic jewels and watches dedicated to the study and the application of this technique improved and developed.
The intuition and the mission of Sicis Jewels is to reinterpret the enchantment and the mystery of the ancient Micromosaic techniques applied to the goldsmith art and making them contemporary in jewelry. The adventure started with a dedicated laboratory for the application of the Micromosaic in order to refine and improve the ancient process. The choice of using this technique finds its consistency and justification in history, but Sicis takes further, pushing the boundaries and entrusting the interpretation to important international personalities of the world of design and expert designers.

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