1990. Scatola del Tempo was created near Como, Italy, on an idea from a passionate engineer and collector, Sandro Colarieti who could not find watch winders for his timepieces. He made one himself. The patent was filed and success followed immediately.
The first models were made entirely by hand by the best local craftsmen in high-quality leather and silk. The very first series soon created a large and spontaneous demand. Thirty years on, Scatola del Tempo is recognised on the five continents.
The piece is designed with a "deep" knowledge of the contents: structure covered with absorbent material, structured interior shapes for almost all watches, transport without pressure or risk for movements. The exterior is of great refinement: cow leather or varnished Macassar wood, clasps and silver-plated zippers for a long life.
The Scatola del Tempo technology is revolutionary for two reasons : it was the first of its kind and created the very concept of the watch winder. The Swiss high-precision micro-motor is controlled by an exclusive microprocessor. The rotation is carried out in both directions to rewind any automatic movement. When the watch winder is not connected to the mains, two alkaline batteries can provide up to three years of autonomy for the new Rotor-One models.