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Ref TE7073WMP
18K Rose Gold
Set With White Diamonds
And Mother Of Pearl Stones

6,624  7,750 

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  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Product Weight: 2.70 Gram
  • 0.200 Carat White Diamonds
  • 3.610 Carat White Mother Of Pearl Stones
The Brand

The Brand

Tirisi Jewelry, born on the catwalk and worn in the city. With an amazing eye for detail this young brand is designed and developed by Natascha and Julian.
The Tirisi Jewelry brand is only 6 years old, but in the short history the brand has gained international recognition and is globally available.
The pieces are fresh and are styled to be used for everyday wear. Tirisi is no jewelry to be locked up in a vault, it’s rather for modern women who may do the school run in the morning, then conduct a boardroom meeting and later on have a power lunch with fellow executives. Using shimming diamonds and hand cut semi precious coloured stones Tirisi mixes and matches up a rich selection of ever fashion forward fine jewelry pieces that modern women today demand of their jewelry wardrobe.
“Tirisi is a life journey. It may never stop. So it’s up to us to travel the world and take inspiration of everything we see, hear, eat and touch. This gives us so many new ideas to make jewelry for women today. We have all changed so much. A lady today plays such an important role in society and we give that confident – and not to forget – fashionable lady the jewelry she wants to own. This is the jewelry she wishes to pass on to her kids.”
JB Jewelers are the official retailer for Tirisi jewelry in Israel since 2019.